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To keep fast loading times on the homepage of the site, I put in this section all the old news.

In addition, this avoids having a main web page a mile long! Because I personally hate this! But for the old news, it isn't a problem.
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Microstock site a little bit different...

2010, the 14th of november

View my work at

I found the site "The3Dstudio" in mid-october, they are online since 1996 and they sell microstock, but also images rather typed textures, 3D objects and even tutorials!
Commissions are interesting : 60% of sales, knowing that attaches itself selling prices of 4 image sizes (XS, S, M, L) with a required minimum of respectively $2, $4, $8, $12 and extended licenses at $250 !! Provided that I sell it!... ;-)
They don't have a very large base for now, about 1.4 million images (2010-11-14), but apparently there are a lot of traffic, I already had almost 11,000 views on my 268 pictures, with a first sale this week, which is encouraging!
The site supports IPTC data, except for my titles have disappeared and I don't know why (but I have also that on other sites), for access to FTP, you must ask them. When referencing, it's quite fast, because we choose a single category, with an optional sub-category. The validation is quite flexible because I had less than 10% of refusals now. And the "put online" is also very fast.

In short, it's pretty simple to use, so I thought, why do not try? Finally, they have also an affiliate program (seller and buyer), so if you're interested, my link is the logo above! ;-)
Last detail, if you use their upload in java while you download pictures, don't surf to another website because the upload stops!

2011 Calendar

2010, the 7th of november

Calendrier 2011

Hello everyone, today I present my 2011 calendar, whose theme is based on sunsets and sunrises that I shot during some of my travels in Asia.
Some were taken in Vietnam, others in Cambodia, or on the island of Bali, but also in France! And in particular on the Basque coast, either over the sea or the countryside.

Well, I hope that the selection of this calendar will please you, personally it's been a while I like the colors of a sunset but also those of a sunrise, which I find very often superb! I hope my photos will be as fun to watch than the fun I had making them.

About the review of the microstock site I mentioned in my last news, I actually prepared it and I would put it on my site within a few days, in the meantime, thank you for your visit and see you soon!

Gallery update

2010, the 1st of october

My gallery is here! ;-)

I'd not updated my little gallery since opening this web site, it's now done! I added a dozen images of all styles, photos as 3D images.
I hope you enjoy them and they make you wait until my next news, it will be a small review yet another microstock site! So, see you...

A little additional microstock site

2010, the 23th of september

Get a Free Image and a 20% Discount on Stock Photos at I continue my research to find interesting Microstock sites, and YAY Micro seems to be. First, there is no entrance test, you simply create an account and drop images, then they are validated (and for sale) or not, it's simple! This is a site that existe since 2008 with "only" over one million images, but there is traffic, because I've been barely two months with about 230 pictures and I'm already some sales! Another practical detail, they sell in Euros, which is very good for us Europeans! And the site has five languages but not French, so we'll use it in English ...

Commissions are 50%, which is good in the world of microstocks, transfers are made through paypal account and from only 30 Euros. To end this little review, I would say YAY Micro is a small Microstock worthwhile, and the images referencing is done very quickly because you don't have to choose categories, they work only with the keywords. So if the IPTC data of your images are filled, you will go very quickly!

New photo accessory very useful

2010, the 20th of september

Remote radio wave flash system Oops! That's a bit of time between news, the holidays have passed through here... ;-) So what's new? A small handy accessory purchase.
This trigger wireless flash, Phottix home, consists of a transmitter and two receivers (knowing that we may add more). The transmitter is simply fixed to the location of the flash, the standard flash connexion (except Sony / Minolta) and triggered by the central contact. The shooting is also possible with the sync of your camera. The receiver can be mounted on a tripod with a standard thread or a flash bracket. Just then set the flash to the receiver and your device to trigger remote flash is ready to serve.

Personally, I use it without any problem with two cobra flashs, the Metz 48 AF-1, one being Nikon and one of my old Pentax, and everything works perfectly. The advantage of this system of remote triggering is that it works in radio waves, which is much more convenient than infrared system, whether for the range (about 30m) but the fact of passing it through obstacles.
I don't regret my purchase because it allows me to take photographs of objects in "studio" at low cost!

Indispensable photo accessory...

2010, the 23th of july

Backpack FastPack250 I named the backpack! When the quantity of material increases, there is no alternative ... Being very happy with the Lowepro brand, because their products are really solid, well thought out and very good finishing, for proof, my current camera bag is on its 10 years of use. Well, not a weak seam or zipper stuck, simply perfect... but now too small!
So I searched in the Lowepro catalog (very huge...) to find my happiness. This is done with the model FastPack 250, which allows me to keep my Nikon D300s, my 16-85mm zoom, my 2 cobra flashs Metz 48 AF-1, my mini travel tripods with its ball, my radio trigger remote flash system, my 4 SD memory cards, a small cleaning kit, and this is only the bottom part! Above, there is still room for a rain jacket (for example), a sandwich, a bottle of water on side, a paper notepad, pens, ... it's big!
Finally, a pocket notebook (size of 15 inches max) is also available, I have not one yet, but it's handy for storing A4 paper or magazines. Knowing that I still have place for a lens (medium size) again, a grip and a spare battery!

As you can see, it's really a very good product, where you can put a lot of things while being relatively compact, knowing that for those who don't want a pocket notebook, there is the model FastPack 200 and for those who still have more equipment, or 17 inches computer, there is the top model, the FastPack 350!

Finally, I'm very happy with my purchase, and I sincerely believe to be quiet for 10 years! We can't say that for all products... ;-)

RSS feed now available

2010, the 29th of june

Icone flux RSS Today, just a little news for say to you that the RSS feed for this mixed and varied news page is finally available!

You can also see the RSS icon that appeared in the top right... So, another new navigation system should arrive here shortly.

That's all for this time, but more news will arrive soon!

Passage of Pentax to Nikon !

2010, the 15th of june

Photo of Nikon D300s It's done! I just give myself a Nikon D300s with a lens zoom Nikkor 16-85mm DX ED VR2, and 12.2Mp sensor. So, why this change? Two details bothered me more and more on my Pentax K10D, the digital noise is now very quickly as soon as you move up the ISO settings and the Auto-Focus is a bit "winded" and not always very accurate...
So let's be clear, the Pentax K10D is not a bad camera, but with the speed of technological developments, it's now regarded as an entry-level SLR.
Personally, with my current photo activities, it's been a while I wanted to go upmarket and get into the world of "semi-professionals" devices. This is done with this D300s!

Which patterns the main ones are: 12.2MP sensor, AF system with 51 zones, housing anti-runoff, ISO range (exploitables...) from 100 to 6400ISO, referred Live-View (directly on the screen) as possible, etc... If you want more details on its features, I invite you to visit the website of Nikon.
So the price very much higher (close to twice ...) than the world Pentax justified it? For me, yes! Of all the defects that I found in K10D, the D300s is much higher. The AF system is ultra fast and ultra-precise, it's pretty impressive actually! When the digital noise, my first visual tests (in basic settings factory) show that at 400ISO, see more but I do other tests, the Nikon produces much less noise than my old Pentax... at 100ISO!
With that, I return to my tests in order to expand rapidly all my portfolios, see you soon...

A book on photography more...

2010, the 7th of june

Couverture livre L'art de l'exposition Here again is a book by photographer Michael Freeman entitled "Art of exposure". As its title indicates, this book is written to give maximum information from a professional on the difficult task of choosing the exposure of your pictures!
Because in theory it seems simple with only three basic settings: aperture, exposure time and ISO sensitivity. But in practice, how to choose when the light is very powerful, or very low, especially when your subject is multicolored, or a relatively monochrome? In short, an infinite number of cases that are grouped into twelve types of expression and of course explained.

Of course, the basic techniques are also reviewed, as well as notions of style, but also a bit of post-treatment where the basic principles of HDR exposure are explained. There are many examples, this book, as usual in this collection is very well illustrated.
The only downside that I would is that photography beginners will, I think, a little difficult to follow because it's still quite technical. Having already practiced photography with an SLR-style camera seems a pre-requisite. But otherwise, it's once again a good book very interesting and enjoyable to read, I recommend it!

Another microstock web site!

2010, the 31th of may

Logo Most Photos This site : Most Photos is a Microstock like with special features. First, it's Swedish, that changes because others are rather North American, and I assure you straight away, it's not written in Swedish but in English, which is still easier.

First major difference, there is, for now, no selection at the entrance and then either! They depend on the seriousness of contributors to do than make pretty pictures, knowing that other members can comment and "like" or not.
Then, the sale price is only 25 Euros, and they will paid a commission of 50%. It's pretty original compared to the other instead propose seven to ten different prices per image.
Finally, referencing images is really very simple, like the site 123RF, there are no categories to choose from, this implies to study well the keywords that are used.

To end this little review, what about sales? From what I've read on various forums, some say from zero sales in 6 months while others are 4 or 5 in ten days. I think as usual, the portfolios of significant size, and quality, will sell better than others, even if it seems far scores of sales sites like ShutterStock or Fotolia. Anyway, I found their system too simple to not be tried! Now, you see... ;-)

New website of personal decoration...

2010, the 19th of may

Logo deviantART Here is a site oriented rather "artistic" it's deviantArt. So when I say art, it means that you can find anything, drawings, photographs, video, sculpture, etc. ... And since there is no selection, the worst alongside the best!
You can see creations absolutely fabulous and strange things sometimes, even a little "trash", but also frankly ugly stuff! In my eyes, of course, because all tastes are in nature...
See the practical side, it's an internationnal site claiming over 100 million pieces, so it's in English only, once again, sorry for the pure French! You can create a free account and then show your gallery. There is a paid version that removes advertising and gives more opportunities to sales, but honestly the free version is fine for testing!

The big difference from the RedBubble site, I mentioned some time ago, it's higher attendance and more choices of media to sell your images. There are the classic frames, transfers on Plexiglas, postcards, posters, but also magnets, mousepads, mugs, puzzles and I forget...
Finally, I find this site very cool where you can see artists really extremely talented, and then, in terms of sales, for the moment I don't know, because I'm registered for only two weeks!

Book on photographic lighting

2010, the 10th of may

Photo lighting guide This book is great for all amateur photographers (or beginners) who want to learn (or improve) their lighting practise. This manual was written by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver and Paul Fuqua, it's very didactic, while being well go deeper.
Often the books on this subject merely give "recipes " to copy, then this manual discusses the nature of light and its principles, to help each photographer to develop lighting that suits him - or is the more suited to his subject.
The learning is progressive, with many practical cases, you will learn to build your lighting, from simple to more complicated, and master the complex surfaces (metal, glass, gloss) but also highlights, exposure, and the balance between the subject and the background.

Finally, for someone who practices photography, but also the 3D design (like me) you can quite transfer these methods of lighting in virtual worlds that you create with your graphics software.
In conclusion, it's a very practical book and very well done that I recommend.

Tips for night photography

2010, the 29st of april

Vue de nuit de Bayonne Night photography with a Pentax K10D isn't necessarily very obvious, because a small defect that DSLR is a middle management of digital noise.

For night photography, or low light, we're tempted to increase the sensitivity to 800ISO for example, but the problem is that the digital noise becomes unfortunately clearly visible from the 400ISO with this device.
When the setting 1600ISO, it's better to forget it because I personally find it unusable! So how? Image processing with suitable filters in your favorite photo software? It remains for me a "last chance" solution, because any type of digital processing like "lower digital noise" must erase small details and photos will have less sharpness.

The method works well takes a bit of rigor and equipment. Oh very little, you just need a solid tripod (with good quality), I remain convinced that's essential for night photography! Then, see the basic settings for great pictures at night.
Select the number of ISO as low as possible, with the K10D I put myself on 100ISO. Then, to get a good depth of field, I set the focal length, as appropriate, between f8.0 and f16 maximum (some exceptions), because beyond f16 may appear diffraction phenomena that would lose the sharpness to your image!

These settings will give you exposure time between 1 and 20 seconds depending on the ambient light in your scene, hence the interest of the tripod! Finally, a last board, made photos in RAW format, you'll have a much greater latitude to adjust your settings for exposure, contrast and your colors of your night shooting. On the K10D, I use the DNG format which is readable by Photoshop and the Adobe color space is wider than the base.

That's the basics, now's your move, do tests and tests, to find settings that suit you best for the final look of your photos.

New critical of book on photography

2010, the 20st of april

Photographer's Guide Traveler This is a very interesting book for all amateur photographers (or beginners) who want to do photography by traveling the world. This guide, written by Michael Freeman (yes, him again but I like his style!), is clear and organized.
The author shares his extensive experience in providing simple but wise advices on equipment to take, to different climates, on crossing the customs that may be difficult in some countries, and even the behavior to photograph without hitting usages of the visited countries.
In summary, whether traveling for pleasure or for work, this book is very practical, very well illustrated and full of good advice from a professional. It'll be the indispensable guide to view, see take with you before I leave for a distant land!

Facebook connexion available !

2010, the 14st of april

The main news today is the provision of a shared Facebook button on each news, and some sections of this site! You can also see buttons that's available to this page.

The second news relates to a new site of personalized decoration that I frequent now for two weeks, I appointed RedBubble is an Australian site sharing art, and you can sell his work on various print media. You can find full review of this website in the section dedicated Decoration.

Well, that's it for this time, see you soon.

Website opening on Internet

2010, the 11st of april

Flutes de champagne Hello everyone, this is the first news from this site, after several weeks of reflection, study, work and tests, it finally opens on the Internet!

You have before your eyes the first version of the site called:, saying that the foundations are laid. Apart from the various menus, I'll let you discover this home page will also the news, which will feed into this site as regularly as possible.
Depending on the subject, they will also be available in the sections dedicated. I can also now you announce that new information is about to happen very soon on the sections "Decoration" and "Book review".

Of course, some improvements are already under study, but we had to start a day! Therefore should be added soon, sharing opportunities with RSS feed, by various social networks, possibly a newsletter (maybe, but I don't know...).
Are also planned, a search engine for the site, a cloud of tags, an overview of the most popular items... In short, it's far from over! This is normal because a website needs to evolve and improve to meet the expectations of its visitors.

To conclude this inaugural events, I wish you good surfing in my menus, and if you want to contact me for any reason, all the information desired are in the section About. In any case, thank you for your visit and see you soon!

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